Kristian Sensini squareDSC_0591

DSCN2079 IMG_1300

Ludovic Bource                                                        Quentin Tarantino


Terry Gilliam                                                               Alan Silvestri


Michael Giacchino                                                                 Nathan Barr

Ott2011 Morricone 125WIth Elio

Ennio Morricone                                                                   Elio

SAM_0166SAM_0600 Piovani

Michael Price                                                                                  Nicola Piovani


Conrad Pope                                                           Abel Korzeniowski

SAM_0587 CoulaisSAM_0691

Bruno Coulais                                                                       Fabio Frizzi


Rolfe Kent                                         Christopher Lennertz

With Chick COreaWith Dave Liebman

Chick Corea                                          David Liebman

bollanioddtimes 346

Mirko Guerrini  Stefano Bollani

One thought on “Photo

  1. You are an amazing composer. I find your music to be very well done and ideal for film scoring. Thank you for keeping music alive. With your permission, I would like to consider you for our next film project.

    Art Thomas, Producer
    Main Man Films
    P.O. Box 3773
    Englewood, Colorado 80155-3773 USA

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