Rocks in My Pockets–Movie Score Media

Appeared today on Movie Score Media Website for the digital release of my Soundtrack

Kristian Sensini
ROCKS IN MY POCKETS (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


A winner at the prestigious Karlovy Vary film festival and hailed by Variety as a ‘modern milestone in animated storytelling’, Signe Baumane’s highly original animation feature Rocks in My Pockets contains a charming chamber score by Kristian Sensini. MovieScore Media will release the score in digital stores coinciding with the theatrical release of the film in USA, where Zeitgeist has already premiered the film in New York and Los Angeles with a nationwide release to follow. Sensini’s thoughtful score combines whimsical themes in the spirit of Nino Rota with bittersweet melodies and comedic writing for pizzicato strings and piano. Sensini is a multiple Jerry Goldsmith Award nominee and won the Global Music Award for his score for Hyde’s Secret Nightmare.

Available digitally from September 23, 2014


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