“Rocks in My Pockets” OST – Review by MundoBSO


“Soundtrack that the composer makes flow while the movie goes, punctuating and highlighting each of the situations, with the common denominator of the tenderness in both the dramatic and the humorous. There are a variety of themes and the main one, the protagonist’s, stands as a beautiful waltz.” (Conrado Xalabarder)

Conrado Xalabarder (Barcelona, 1964), is Film Music specialist and author of three books, Enciclopedia de los Oscar, Enciclopedia de las Bandas Sonoras (Ediciones B) and Música de cine. Una ilusión óptica (Libros en red), and co-author of diverse collective books. He’s just ended the writing of his new book, The Music Script in Film, translated into English by renowed Australian author and novelist Gloria Montero.


MundoBSO · Banda sonora - Rocks in My Pockets


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